What are we talking about on this website?

On this website we talk about things like aesthetics, the beauty of a landscape, beauty in nature, in art or in the human body.

For centuries, the human being's longing for beauty and for aesthetic has been present in society. On the other hand, the time of leisure in our current societies it is usually accompanied by a search for beauty. We like to be attractive before our deserved holidays and also during and after them. We like to spend our leisure time in beautiful places where we can enjoy a beautiful natural environment. Many spas, hairdressers and manicure centres have become a meeting point for friends wishing cut their hair, fix their nails or relax with a massage, while chating, enjoying sweets, cakes, cocktails or any whim they felt like.

On this website we talk about products, services and places related to leisure and beauty.


Why is this website different?

We know that there are already many sites and blogs on the Internet on these topics. In this personal blog we seek a different approach. Here we seek to offer you information that may be useful to you and that is not so easy for you to find on the Internet. For example, you spend your holidays in an idyllic place but when it is windy there it becomes uncomfortable, unless you knew where to go and where protect yourself, without losing the charm of the chosen place for your leisure time.

Maybe you like to practice kayak, surf or windsurf in the coast of Andalusia but you do not know exactly which area and what weather conditions are the most appropriate to enjoy practising your favourite sport with no risks.

Maybe you are going to snow shortly, but you're worried that the cold could damage your lips. You are looking for a lip balm and you are not satisfied with the catalogues. Maybe you would like that someone told you about their personal experience and about some additional useful information that is not so easy to find.

Do you want to contact us?

If you want to request information about ocioybelleza.com, or if you have any suggestions or doubts about its contents, you can fill our Contact Form. Alternatively you can send us an email to webmaster@ocioybelleza.com and we will be happy to serve you.