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Last update: December 27, 2021
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Our money and our available time are scarce resources. You know this. Therefore, the multifunction products are becoming more and more important in our current societies. Their objective is to make our day-to-day beauty care simpler and more effective. They may be a bit more expensive, but buying them is economically compensating.

Would you like to hydrate your skin and to refresh yourself with an aftersun just with a single spray? Makeup for lips and cheeks, serums for your face and for your hair, creams that are used as pre basic, and so on. We have selected for you some currently on the market multifunction beauty products. Not all that there are, are here, but all that are here, are. Anyway you can ask me any question through the comments form below.

Stargazer Setting Spray

Star Gazer Setting Spray

Star Gazer Setting Spray

This cream hydrates your skin for 24 hours, leaving it hydrated and glowing. It has SPF20, that protects against ultraviolet rays and against pollution. It includes Aloe Vera and some natural pigments and it can also be used for makeup.

Monoï de Tahiti Dry Oil, by Yves Rocher
This satin oil hydrates your skin and it can be used as an aftersun and after waxing. In addition, it can also be used to seal the ends of your hair.

Star Gazer Setting Spray
This light and quickly-absorbed lotion brings immediate comfort to dry skin. It helps support regeneration of the skin’s own protective barrier, protecting it from drying out. Besides, this lotion may be used for your lips.

Star Gazer Setting Spray
This multi-functional spray can help relieve irritation or sunburn and it can be used after waxing, after exercise, or simply to refresh your skin.

Star Gazer Setting Spray
This balm is a well known multifunctional product. According to its official website, it hydrates and cares your skin, it protects your lips, the ends of your hair and, in addition, it works as an aftersun and as an aftershave.

Total Effects 7en1, by Olay
This cream is an all-in-one product that helps fight the seven signs of ageing.
1. It minimises de look of wrinkles.
2. It moisturizes.
3. It evens skin tone appearance.
4. It minimises the look of pores
5. It softens the texture of your skin.
6. It gives luminosity.
7. It helps to restore your skin firmness.

Total Effects 7en1, de Olay
As you probably know, a BB cream is an all-in-one skincare product. There is a whole range of BB creams. Garnier has an interesting BB creams catalogue.

Benetint lip and cheek tint, by Benefit
This is a multifunction makeup product from Benefit Cosmetics. You can have a warm touch of blush in your lips and in your cheeks with it. It can be used both under and on the top of your makeup.

Have you dealed with any other multifunction beauty products? Please, let us know it.

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